Giving Back


We believe we can make a positive difference in the lives of others by taking Sir Winston Churchill’s words to heart and giving in our communities. The act of being generous can be as simple as providing our talent, our time or our skills. We can also donate our money which, for many busy people, is the easiest and most logical option.

If your choice is to give money, your philanthropy can be reflected in your financial planning. There are cost-efficient charitable investments that may help reduce your tax bill, create a legacy, and ensure proper management of the donation funds to maximize them or grow their value. Both you and your charity benefit.

For more details on this topic you can contact us directly. You can also read a column Kim wrote about it.

At Canaccord, we are committed to building healthy, prosperous communities by participating in activities that have evolved over the company’s history. Canaccord and its employees take an active role by supporting a wide range of charitable and community organizations through sponsorships, targeted donations, awards and employee volunteering.

The Canada Revenue Agency maintains CRA Charities Listings to help you find and research charities of interest to you.